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From Vicar’s Desk

Dearly Beloved in Christ,

I praise and thank God for the opportunity and vocation, which He has given to our family to be a part of the Hermon Marthoma Church, Midlands. I thankfully remember with love, the contribution of Rev. Jacob Mathew Achen and his family rendered to our Church.

We are a part of community, born in Kerala and migrated to this country because of varied reasons at different times. We have settled here with our families. We are called and sent out to do and participate in the healing ministry of our Lord. We are also called to give the gospel of peace, which He has given to us.

Having the hope and trust in the Lord helps us to withstand the varied struggles we have in our lives. The same God who has helped our forefathers and mothers through their struggles is the same God who leads us through our life journey. It is our duty to pass it on to our future generations.

Each family are the base stone of our Church. I urge that all families should creatively and regularly participate in our worships, area prayer meetings and all other meetings. It is your responsibility as parents to send your kids to Sunday school regularly. We should creatively increase the relationship with each other.

We have to look forward and have miles to go, hence let us hold our hands together with the prayer for the spiritual and social growth of our parish, families and individuals.

We remember and pray for our children who have attended GCSE and Alevel exams. We thank Almighty God for giving them good health. I wish all the best and blessings to all our students to achieve good results.

If its God will, we will be here with you for the next three years. We will try our best to be with you in all your problems, sorrows and happiness. Please uphold our ministry in your prayers so that we may work diligently in this parish for the glory of God.

With Love and prayerful regards

Saju Achen