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Vicar's Page

Dearly beloved in Christ,
‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’ Nelson Mandela. In the words of Paulo Freire, Education is our participation in the design, imagination and ministry of God. Wisdom should always be wrought by a culture of humanity. I express gratitude and praise God for the success of our children who have passed their A-levels and GCSEs and congratulate them for their success. Also, I wish a blessed year for students as they are entering a new academic year and pray for the kids who start their academic life this year.

The month of August was a time of unprecedented calamity in Kerala. The floods have caused untold destruction in the lives of many and hundreds have lost their lives. Please continue to pray for the floodstricken people as they are toiling hard to make their lives get back on track.

We’ve almost reached the last quarter of 2019. Let us thank God for all the blessings that we have experienced throughout our life. I praise God and thank your active participation in the church worship services and other church activities amidst your busy schedule. Good participation in the area prayer meetings are appreciable. I congratulate all who have worked very hard to make all our events a
blessed one.

Now we are prayerfully preparing and for our Harvest festival, family retreat and Christmas celebrations. Please pray for these events and creatively participate in all programmes and make it very much lively and memorable. The prayer and unity of the Early Churches have helped them to grow towards the maturity of Christ and have also helped them to achieve growth. Let us also prayerfully join and grow together with Christ.

With Love and prayerful regards

Saju Achen